How to cycle for four hours by mistake

I’ve spent the past few days in Valere, an amazing community with the most successful reforestation program that I know about in Haiti. Valere will get a long article of its own soon, just a quick update on me for now.

At about 2p.m. today, I was sitting in Mirebalais, looking at maps. Here’s my thought process:

Conor: Hmmm…. If I sleep here in Mirebalais, I could get to Hinche tomorrow. Let’s see… Ooh that’s 57km, a little bit far for one day, but I could do it.

Other Conor: Why not cycle an hour or two now, and pull in at the next flophouse? Then you’ll only have about 40km to get to Hinche tomorrow. This is definitely not a dumb idea that’ll get you in trouble.

Conor: Ok, Other Conor, I trust you for some reason. All those dumb ideas you’ve had in the past are water under the bridge.

So I set out cycling. I pass the idyllic lake created by the Péligre hydroelectric dam. I pass through Cange. I haven’t seen a guesthouse all day, so I guess I’ll just keep going. My sister in Ireland calls me, and I take a break to update her on my adventures. I keep going. It’s getting dark. If I don’t find something soon I’m gonna have to start knocking on doors inquiring into the status of their guest room.

In true action-hero style, I found something in the nick of time, a one-room guesthouse in Thomonde. Insects included in the price. What was meant to be a little bite out of a bigger journey took me nearly all the way to Hinche. I’ve only got about 23km to cycle tomorrow, or two hours.


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