From Jacmel to Mirebalais

I’m saying goodbye to the southern peninsula and making my way up north now.

I like the roads from Jacmel up north to Léogâne: tarmac roads over gentle hills with friendly people and views like thiiiis…. actually never mind. No way can I upload photos on this connexion. Just imagine pretty mountains looking out over the Caribbean Sea and we’ll move on.

Leaving Léogâne, heading for Port-au-Prince, Carrefour stands in your path like some mythological monster. Its potholes are sneakily concealed by trash-water, and splash you when you ride through them. Mack trucks belch smoke. Even the pigs seem to hate it.

I passed right through Port-au-Prince. Sorry I didn’t stop to say hi to you, whoever you are reading this right now, but I wanted to make progress.

After Croix-de-Bouquets (Wyclef’s hometown, apparently), I got into the sort of landscapes I’ve been looking for: stark, moonlike hills, with not a tree for miles. If it’s not rock and sand, it’s saguaro cacti and scrubby things. I thought this was a profitable place to fire my seedbombs.

Me and the rain had a deal: I cycle by day, you do your thing at night. He kept up his side of the deal until today. Of course, in Haiti, everything is dry again after five minutes of sunshine.

I made it to Mirebalais a day ahead of schedule. I’m a little bit impressed with myself. That weighs in at about 50km a day.


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