Reforestation IS possible

Some people think restoring forests to a degraded ecosystem is an unrealistic dream. But in fact, it has been done successfully over and over again in different parts of the world.

The BBC recently published this article about Ascension Island in the Atlantic. Two hundred years ago it was a barren rock. No trees grew there, and there was not enough fresh water to sustain an ecosystem.

Then, in the 1840s, Charles Darwin and Joseph Dalton Hooker started to ship trees to the island. The Royal Navy delivered shipment after shipment of trees, bamboo, and other plants. By 1865, an Admiralty report stated, “through the spreading of vegetation, the water supply is now excellent”.

This point about water supply following afforestation is noteworthy. Ascension didn’t just lack trees; it lacked the water to support them. But when the trees were planted, they condensed the water they needed from sea winds, capturing it in the ecosystem.

If it was possible there, it is possible here. Click to donate now to support grassroots reforestation programs in Haiti.


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