Days 3&4: Petit-Goâve to Miragoâne to Aquin

This may come as a shock, but you don’t always get high-end internet when you’re traveling thru rural Haiti. I’ve got lovely photographs here, but can’t upload them.

Day Three was an easy day. I left Petit-Goâve and got to Miragoâne just a couple of hours later. I think I only covered about 25km. Miragoâne has a great market and some lovely old-style churches.

Day Four I wanted more of a challenge, so I shot for Aquin. There were some serious climbs there, but every climb you complete rewards you with the exhilaration of blazing downhill on the potential energy you just earned. I am in real nice rural countryside here, and starting to see something I know this ecoregion should have: big birds of prey. I saw what I think were some type of stork and condor.

Les Collines seems to be the friendliest town in Haiti! I was blazing thru there, and every single group of people actually cheered me on! “Bravo, blan!” I haven’t got that reaxion anywhere else.

I’m in a hotel a few kilometers beyond Aquin now. I’m looking out over the sea to a little tropical island. I’m 90% sure there’s pirate treasure buried on it.


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